03 MVA BCN21 Photoshooting 720S Spider and GT

20 December 2021

Photoshooting 720S Spider and GT

PhotoShooting of McLaren 720S Spider and McLaren GT in the best enclave of the Costa Brava

We test two of our best models, the McLaren 720S and the McLaren GT in one of the best locations in Spain.

The McLaren 720S was born from McLaren’s design philosophy: everything has a reason.
The radical shape of the 720S is inspired by a teardrop. The perfect aerodynamic shape of nature. It takes this shape because it helps deliver superlative performance and aerodynamic efficiency. Every design detail is like this too. Created to enhance performance, optimize ride, intensify interaction, increase comfort, with beauty.

The world has changed. The superlight GT is the Grand Tourer reinvented. Rejuvenated. And the results are extraordinary. Extremely beautiful. The car with the lightest and fastest acceleration in its class.

The GT is determined by our relentless desire to challenge the established order. We take the key ingredients, reinvent them and apply them in new and innovative ways. And then combined with pure McLaren power and performance.

Both are undoubtedly exciting supercars that are both refined, dynamic and captivating.