eduardo McLaren Barcelona Opening

1 March 2020

McLaren Barcelona Opening

McLaren has just opened new facilities in Spain, specifically in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). The simple and normal thing would have been to open a dealership and technical service, but McLaren Barcelona is much more than that. It is a place of cult for any lover of the motor world for all this that hides inside.
On the middle floor, the exhibition area of McLaren Barcelona has 600 square meters in an open space where there can be up to six cars on display from the current range of the British brand.
It is complemented by an area of Chelsea 1979 classic vintage pieces and certified second-hand vehicles, as well as the necessary technical service and workshop, to give proper maintenance to McLaren circulating in our country today, which are not few especially since McLaren was installed in Barcelona by the hand of Eduardo Costabal, soul of this project.
The Chilean-born businessman based in Spain, knew how to see the development potential of the brand in Spain, especially now that its range of models is diversified with GT, Supercar, Motorsport and Ultimate ranges.
The opening of McLaren Barcelona is much more than a supercar dealership.


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