andorra mclaren copia GREAT EMOTIONS 2.0

3 December 2020


After the success of the first Great Emotions on December 3rd we repeated another Great Emotions but this time with more surprises

The event started at the heliport of the Port of Barcelona, where two helicopters took off in the direction of “Les Comes” with our clients. After enjoying a pleasant helicopter ride, they had breakfast and were divided into two groups to carry out the two activities we had prepared.

The first group had a road trip with seven McLarens and the second group an adventure through “Les Comes” with a Polaris, and then the other way around.

Once the guests had experienced the emotions of the asphalt and the mountain, they returned in their helicopters to the McLaren Barcelona facilities, where an exquisite meal was waiting for them, prepared by “Mamá Jaleo” with another very pleasant surprise, a special guest, the driver Nani Roma (winner of the Dakar). A pleasure to end the event with the experiences of Nani and his great career in the motor world.


*We would like to emphasize that all our events have the maximum security measures imposed by the authorities.