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A passion for speed and luxury cars

Discover our fully-personalised services, tailored to your requirements. Advisory services offered by our staff team who have extensive knowledge and experience in top-of-the-range cars and a showroom of the highest calibre.


Our goal is to offer unique experiences where speed, perfection and your wildest dreams intertwine.

At Chelsea 1979, we love the world of motoring and we’re proud to show it. Our facilities have been designed to bowl you over and transmit our passion to each of our visitors: we want to make your dreams come true.

With Chelsea 1979, Drive your own dream



Luxury and design are the hallmarks of each and every one of the areas in our Barcelona showroom, which covers 700 square meters and houses a display of the new McLaren plus classic, special and pre-owned vehicles, with meticulous attention being paid to the smallest of details to ensure that your experience is as unique as our cars.

If you have decided to fulfil your dream of owning one of the most luxurious and powerful cars on the market, come to our new car dealership, where we will provide advice and help you find your perfect vehicle.

At Chelsea 1979, we find excellence in our pursuit of perfection.


Find the car of your dreams at Chelsea 1979, the only official distributor of McLaren in Spain.

Our supersports models have a long competition history and a celebrated reputation amongst lovers of luxury cars. The British automaker inherited its passion for racing from its founder, Bruce McLaren, whose philosophy still drives the brand to this day: to take design and performance to the max.


Our experience in the motoring sector permits us to offer a premium advisory service, in keeping with our clients’ expectations.

The ultimate objective is always the same: our clients’ peace of mind and satisfaction.

And to ensure that your dream of having the best vehicle leaves nothing to be desired, we offer services that go beyond merely the purchase. We provide you ongoing support so that your new vehicle is properly maintained and always good to go, allowing you to enjoy it to the full.


This passion and love for top-of-the-range cars is complemented by inspections and replacements that will permit you to keep yours in prime condition. This is why at Chelsea 1979 we have an auto workshop equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the best mechanics, authentic specialists in latest-generation cars.

We believe that the best repairs begin with an accurate analysis. And to ensure this occurs, in our workshop we have cutting-edge tools to pinpoint any problems and maintain your vehicle in perfect condition. Our team has been trained in how to work with these instruments and the equipment and are fully familiar with their specs, which gives us the capability to carry out and guarantee the quality of our maintenance and repair work.


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